Polo Tournament Roundup

Tis the season for Polo Tournaments. EighthInch is sponsoring a handful of Polo Tournaments this summer which means you’ve got a few chances to win our Golden Mallet as well as a ton of other great prizes. Here’s a list of the sponsored tournaments. Click on them to find out more from the League of Bike Polo.

Area 51 Bowl – Calgary, Canada – July 9-11

The Last Stand – Burlington, VT – July 9-11

NAHBPC – Madison, WI – July 16-18

EHBPC – Geneva, Switzerland – July 16-18

WHBPC – Berlin, Germany – August 13-15

Winter Whack – Christchurch,  New Zealand – August 14

Flour City Invitational – Rochester, NY – August 27-29

East Van Crown – Vancouver, Canada – September 18-19


2 Responses to Polo Tournament Roundup

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  2. Australia says:


    AHBPC – Brisbane, Australia – September 18-19

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