EighthInch Scrambler V3 Pre-Order

Today is the day to reserve your V3 Scrambler. We’re taking pre-orders today and expecting then to ship out of here on or before August 20th. Arrival dates may vary by a few days but not by much. We’ll be selling them in black, white, and our new raw finish so many of you have been waiting for. Click on the banner to see them in our store.

The Scrambler geometry remains the same but we’ve made a few tweaks to it. The old stamped dropouts have been replaced by a beefed up laser cut dropout. We’ve also added a second gusset on the toptube for better strength. Low profile cable mounts under the toptube are also added for those of you looking to run a rear brake for polo. Like the V2 this will come with frame, fork, seatpost, seatclamp, and headset.

Order yours today!

Congratulations Steve L from Oak Park, IL! You were so fast you got your pre-order placed before we even announced it was available. Ninja!


3 Responses to EighthInch Scrambler V3 Pre-Order

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  2. don says:

    I’m not a fan of the cable guides or the gussets, and the ‘laser cut’ dropouts won’t be worth the extra 20 dollars. The raw is cool, though – still not enough justification for me. I don’t play polo, and that’s where I see this company going. I guess it’s just not for me.

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      Right now the Scrambler is in a situation of trying to fit the needs of all different types of riders from commuters to polo players to freestyle riders. As the fixed gear market becomes more diverse we’ve tried to keep up and make it work as an all-around frame for any application. Almost a jack of all trades, master at none situation. Our new frames will come in specifically designed for each application so within the fixed gear/single speed market with a SS cyclocross, aero track, and freestyle specific frame.

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