Photo Friday – Thanks USPS

For those of you wondering why we ship as much as we can using FedEx I give you this. The box on the left is going out via FedEx and is most likely going to be delivered in the same shape. The box on the right is the same sizes box that was returned to us via USPS. How this happened, I have no idea, I’m sure USPS doesn’t either. Now USPS isn’t all that bad, we still do quite a bit of business with them and have some good international rates but every once in a while they do something like this and it just makes you wonder.

Sorry for whoever was supposed to get this box. Whatever is inside it will be replaced and re-shipped for you. Thanks USPS.

EighthInch Likeathon!!!

Here it is, the EighthInch Likeathon. What’s a likeathon you may ask? It’s our two week trial to get as many facebook “like’s” as we can. We’ve thrown in some pretty nice prizes for this one and they only get better with the more “like’s” we get so tell all your friends and help sweeten the pot. As we hit each threshold everyone who is a fan will receive a coupon for a certain amount off an order and a chance to win a great prize. Here’s a breakdown on what you can win!

2,000 Fans = All of our facebook fans get a $10 Coupon code plus a chance to win a pair of Tessa wheels in any color

2,500 Fans = $15 Coupon code plus a chance to win a Scrambler V3 Frameset in any size/color

3,000 Fans = $20 Coupon code plus a chance to win a Scrambler V3 FramesetĀ and a pair of Julian V2 Wheels

3,500 Fans = $30 Coupon code plus a chance to win a complete Scrambler V3 Bicycle- customized by the winner

5,000 Fans = $50 off any EighthInch purchase over $100 PLUS we will give away the very first Butcher Fixed Gear Freestyle bike– before they are even released in September!

For more info you can visit our LIKEATHON PAGE and our FACEBOOK PAGE.