Butcher Sneak Peek – New Photo’s!!!

A lot of you got some questions answered this last week when Kris leaked out some pictures on LockedCog of our new Butcher freestyle frame. Here’s a few photo’s we shot in our booth before shipping the frame out to him. Production will be limited and we’re going to have a different color than black but we’ll reveal that later. We have to keep some things a secret. Here’s a little spec rundown too:

– Sizing: 50, 53, 56, 59cm
– Double Butted 4130 Chromo
– 45/45 Integrated Headset
– Mid Bottom Bracket
– Removable 990 Brake Mounts
– Removable Cable Mounts
– 700×45 Tire Clearance (maybe more)
– Bar Spin Clearance In All Sizes
Includes Mid-BB and Integrated Headeset

11 Responses to Butcher Sneak Peek – New Photo’s!!!

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  2. Imran says:

    Can we pre-order?

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      We’re still in the prototype stage so we haven’t started production yet. Once we have some riders put some solid miles on them we’ll start production and start pre-orders once we know they’re ready to ship.

  3. Jamal Waterford says:

    soooooooooo nice=]

  4. jrnguyen says:

    you guys should make a size 47 for the short people 🙂

  5. Surge says:

    Around what month might it be released just like an estimate?

  6. fukschool says:

    You might consider a name change while it’s in the prototype stage. Santa Cruz released their butcher frame this year and it kinda rules.

  7. andrew says:

    I don’t get it, why don’t bike manufacturers sand down huge ugly welds? Is that not possible? I don’t know…but it seems like it would be MUCH better looking and not that hard to do.

  8. ibrahim says:

    what month might it be released?

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      We’re guessing a winter release right now but don’t have an exact date set. We’ll post updates when we learn more.

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