NEW EighthInch CNC Splined Sprockets

Along with our Butcher frames we also got in our long awaited solid steel sprockets. These new sprockets are CNC machined out of solid steel to eliminate the need for an insert and they will fit any 19mm 48 spline spindle. The tooth sizes available are 25, 28, 33, 36, and 39t.

Kris has been riding his for about six months now and showing almost no signs of wear. Check out his full review here. These are a great choice if you want a strong sprocket for your fixed freestyle bike or need to get that low ratio you’ve been looking for on your polo bike. To see more details or to pick one up stop by your local EighthInch dealer or get them online at

Butcher V2 Frames Now In Stock!

The long wait is over, we finally got in our V2 Butcher frames this past weekend. Pre-orders will be shipping out today and all new orders will follow shortly. To reward you for your wait we are giving away free Butcher T-shirts with every frame purchase. Just put your shirt size in the “order notes” field when placing your order.  You can find them for sale on WS-Outlet.

Kris has been putting his through the ringer for almost a year now and he has nothing but great things to say about it. From bike polo to freestyle to the daily grind of a messenger it’s been put in every situation and preformed great. Upgrades for the V2 Butcher include a stronger toptube, stiffer rear triangle, and 14mm dropouts (10mm adapters included). For more info check out the full specs below.

  • 50, 53, 56, or 59cm
  • Raw or Root Beer Finish
  • Straight guage 4130 Chromo Steel
  • 45/45 Integrated Headset
  • 14mm Dropouts (10mm adapters included)
  • Mid Bottom Bracket
  • Removable 990 Brake Mounts
  • Removable Rear Cable Mount
  • 700×50c Tire Clearance
  • Bar Spin Clearance In All Sizes
  • Includes Mid-BB, Seatpost, Seatclamp, and Headset

Click hear to see them in our store

$399 Scrambler Part 3

Our black/white $399 Scrambler is the 3rd color option for our pre-built complete bikes. White on black has always been one of the best selling color combinations for us. Pick one up on before they are gone.

Another $399 Scrambler

Round 2 of 3 for our pre-built EighthInch Scramblers. Our clean and simple raw/silver option has always been popular choice. Pick one up on WS-Outlet for only $399.

EighthInch Complete Stock Scramblers – $399!!

You can now get complete Scrambler bikes for only $399! These complete bikes come spec’d with Amelia wheels, track cranks and drop bars. They are available in black, white, or raw and arrive with most of the assembly already done for you. All you’ll have to do is drop in the seatpost, bolt on the handlebar and pedals, and put the front wheel on. The three color options are based off some of our most popular builds but for those of you looking for customization options we still offer our custom Scrambler builds for $499. Check them out on

Bueller Hubs and 14mm Axles Now Available

Our 14mm axles have finally made it in! For those of you who have already ordered Butcher wheelsets your axles are on their way. For all new orders the 14mm axles will be included. With the new axles in were are also able to offer Bueller hubsets for sale. $99 gets you a pair of 36h hubs with 10mm female axles and the 14mm rear axle conversion kit. For those of you needing single hubs you can get just a rear hub for $64.50 or a front for $54.50. Don’t forget we still have 26″ and 700c Bueller wheelsets for only $199.50 and rims for $34.50

Amelia Machined Front, Non-Machined Rear Wheelsets

We just got in black Amelia wheelsets that have a machined front wheel and non-machined rear. We have had a lot of requests for these wheels so I don’t anticipate them lasting long. Get a pair while you can at over at Cycling Closeouts.

Bueller… Bueller… – EighthInch Buellers Now In Stock!

It’s been a long wait for some of you but our Bueller wheelsets and rims are finally in stock. The rims are double walled and 32mm wide making them perfect for use with a wider tire. We have them available as 26″ and 700c both with 36h drilling and eyelets. A few of our riders have been testing these and they hold up great for freestyle and bike polo. These wheels can handle almost anything you throw at them.

The rims are laced to 36h sealed bearing hubs with 10mm female axles. A 14mm rear axle conversion kit will be included with each wheelset to give you all the pieces you need to mount them in a 14mm dropout. Unfortunately the 14mm conversion kits did not make it in on this order but we are having them rushed in. If you order a set now they will come set up for 10mm dropouts but we will send you the 14mm axle kit free of charge as soon as they arrive. The rims sell for $39.50 each and the wheelsets are $224.50 on Cycling Closeouts. Expect for single hubs to be available once the axle kits arrive. Here is a rundown on the specs:

Size – 26″ or 700c
Drilling – 36h w/eyelets
Width – 32mm
Depth – 24.5mm
Weight – 26in/800g    700c/900g

36h drilling
fixed/fixed hub
sealed bearing
120mm rear, 100mm front spacing
10mm female axle with bolts
14mm rear axle conversion kit (includes 14mm axle, bearings, seals, washers and bolts)

Wheelset Weight – 26in/2820g   700c/3060g

Bueller 26″ Wheel Preview

We met Jahrome out at the SF Bike Expo last month and hooked him up with a 26″ Bueller rim and hub. He was able to get it laced up over the weekend and posted a little teaser video. Check it out below and keep an eye out for more info on our 26″ Bueller wheels on Mashafix.

EighthInch 4″ Freestyle Riser Bar

Kris has been riding our new 4″ riser bar for a while now. The high rise paired with a comfortable sweep make this bar great whether you are commuting or throwing tricks. Stay tuned for Kris’s Butcher V2 bike check on Lockedcog.