Sponsored Rider Update – Will Gibbons

With the addition of new riders we thought it would be a good idea to update our sponsored rider page on EighthInch.com. Our first rider to get updated is Will Gibbons. Check out his full rider profile here.

Photo by Tim Kainu

Photo Friday – Jeffery’s Bueller Hub

A few lucky riders will be testing out our Bueller hubs and wheels. The first rider to get on a Bueller hub was Jeffery in Sacramento. He got his hub a little while back and laced it to his 26″ MTX33. I guess those are the perks when you ride for EighthInch and Pedal Hard. Expect to see a few of our other riders with Bueller’s soon.

Will Gibbons Dailies

Will doesn’t seem too phased by the endless snow and freezing temperatures Michigan has thrown at him. He has put out six quick clips in the past week and it sounds like we can expect weekly clips soon. Take a look at the edits below and be sure to keep on eye on Will’s Tumblr for more updates.  Keep it up Will!








Woah! What’s That Thing?

It looks like a Butcher to me. Check out Will’s solo edit, he throws some pretty solid tricks. Will and the rest of the DPH crew have been working hard lately. It seems like they’ve got something new every day. Stop on over and check out the DPH site if you’ve got the time. Keep it up guys.

Will and his Butcher

Here’s some shots of Will from DPH putting in some good testing on his Butcher. Check out more photo’s on Camerons’ Flickr