48×15 Just Arrived

We just got our first copies of 48×15, issue 1. I’ve been impressed by what I’ve read so far and the print quality and layout is great too. To learn more about 48×15, check out a digital copy, or pick up a print version visit 48×15.com.

48×15 Issue 2 Is Out!

48×15 just released issue 2 on the web. 48×15 is brought to you by Peoples Bike and gives you a look into urban Cycling in China and the culture that surrounds it. Bikes, fashion, music,  food and drink are all covered so check it out. You can find the web version on Issuu.


Photo Friday – Fresh from Hong Kong

Ian has taken his Scrambler out to quite a few races this year. He sent us a few photos from the Double O race which he took 3rd place in. He also took 1st in the alleycat.

Photo Friday PT 1 – Fixed Gear Revolution 3

This weeks pair of Photo Friday posts wrap up the coverage from Fixed Gear Revolution 3 in Beijing. Earlier this week we posted a set that covered the races but these show all the other events they had going like a bike polo tourney, sprints, and bunnyhop contest. The turnout looked huge! You’ll have to forgive us for the long load time. The photos were uploaded as one image. Stop by BeijingFG for more coverage.

Photo credit goes to:

Liu Chengdong :1-11

Wang Xiaoming :12-13

Shen Yi tube :14-15 

Fixed Gear Revolution 3 Photos

We recently helped sponsor Fixed Gear Revolution 3 in Beijing. Quite a few photos have been popping up so I thought it would be worth sharing a few. Judging from the pictures it looks like they had a pretty nice setup. There were quite a few events and more then enough prizes to go around. Here are some shots taken by Nie Zheng that I saw on BeijingFG. Sorry if the load time bogs you down, the photo’s were posted as one giant image.

Photo Friday – 48×15 Mag Debuts

People’s Bike just released their first issue of 48×15. The magazine covers the growing urban cycling movement in China. The main focus is on fixed gear riding but it also branches out to cover other cycling disciplines, music, and fashion. The first issue is available online so stop on over at People’s Bike and take a look.

Dash Issue 001

The first issue of Dash Magazine is out. I can’t read Chinese, but if the content is as solid as the layout this is going to be a great magazine. The fixed gear culture is spreading like wildfire in China right now, it’s great to see it being put to print. Check out the PDF or Flash version here.