EighthInch Riders at MWM 2

This time last year Midwest Mayhem was the biggest event the fixed gear freestyle community had ever seen. Sam, Kris, and Antonyo are doing a great job organizing the second instalment of this great event set for May 28. We will be down there hanging out as well as all 3 of our US freestyle riders. Kris, Will, and Jeffery will all be out there going big and trying to win some generous cash prizes.  If you were bummed you missed out on MWM last year then here is your second chance. It’s sure to be a great time so visit the Midwest Mayhem blog or facebook page for more details.

Photo’s via Jerome Love and C’ron

Sponsored Rider Update – Will Gibbons

With the addition of new riders we thought it would be a good idea to update our sponsored rider page on EighthInch.com. Our first rider to get updated is Will Gibbons. Check out his full rider profile here.

Photo by Tim Kainu

Will Gibbons 26″ Butcher Bike Check

Will has been putting our Butcher to the test with his 26″ setup. Unfortunately between being a rough Michigan winter and being sick he hasn’t had as much time to ride as he’d like. I’m sure he will more than make up for it once the snow melts. Will is always tweaking his setup but it seems like he has it pretty dialed in now. Anyone looking to do a 26″ build should take note.


[vimeo 21440370]

EighthInch / DPH Rider Will Gibbons Butcher Poster

Just got in new 18″x24″ Butcher posters featuring our own Will Gibbons of DPH. These are printed on heavy poster stock in brillaint colors- available for just $3

Click the picture below to check them out:

Will Gibbons Butcher Poster

Photo Friday: EighthInch Splined Cranks Everywhere

It seems like our splined cranksets have quickly become one of our top sellers. I put together a little montage using photos customers sent to us and some I found around the web. It’s great to see them put to good use.

Photo credits include: Jerome Love, C-Ronbumariffin, Backpedal Blog, and the always great TrickTrack community. Sorry if I left anyone out.

Will Gibbons Dailies

Will doesn’t seem too phased by the endless snow and freezing temperatures Michigan has thrown at him. He has put out six quick clips in the past week and it sounds like we can expect weekly clips soon. Take a look at the edits below and be sure to keep on eye on Will’s Tumblr for more updates.  Keep it up Will!








DPH Hammer Brothers

DPH is taking over the web. Here’s another edit from the Hammer Brothers (Shea, Will, and Chris).

Woah! What’s That Thing?

It looks like a Butcher to me. Check out Will’s solo edit, he throws some pretty solid tricks. Will and the rest of the DPH crew have been working hard lately. It seems like they’ve got something new every day. Stop on over and check out the DPH site if you’ve got the time. Keep it up guys.

Another Butcher Sighting

Will seems to be everywhere these days. The UrbanVelo coverboy sent me a few more photos this past week. Here’s a shot of him clearing a nice gap. Photo’s courtesy of Cameron Strand.

And few shots of his Butcher taken by Albert Alimpich. Will’s definitely keeping busy trying to get some solid riding in before that wicked Detroit winter gets started.


DPH Gets Dirty

Shea and Will from DPH Fixed hit some street and some dirt and posted a nice little edit of it. Will’s been putting our new V3 Scrambler prototype to work lately but expect to see him on a Butcher pretty soon.