Photo Friday PT 2 – Fixed Gear Revolution 3

Part 2 of this weeks Photo Friday wraps up the Fixed Gear Revolution weekend in Beijing. It looks like it was a fun day of bikes balloons and boxes. Check out earlier posts here and here or stop by BeijingFG for more coverage.

Photo credits:

Shen Yi :1-3 tube

Wang Xiaoming :4-5

Li Rui 6-7

Liu Chengdong 8-15

Fixed Gear Revolution 3 Photos

We recently helped sponsor Fixed Gear Revolution 3 in Beijing. Quite a few photos have been popping up so I thought it would be worth sharing a few. Judging from the pictures it looks like they had a pretty nice setup. There were quite a few events and more then enough prizes to go around. Here are some shots taken by Nie Zheng that I saw on BeijingFG. Sorry if the load time bogs you down, the photo’s were posted as one giant image.

Fixed Gear Revolution 3

Beijing’s Fixed Gear Revolution 3 is only a few weeks away. This event has grown pretty big since its inception a few years back. There will be an alleycat, trick comp, and even some bike polo along with a few other fun games. Visit BeijingFG for all the details.

NAHBPC Begins Today

The NAHBPC begins today in Calgary. A lot of planning went into this event and it looks like they have a great location and some excellent courts to play on. Good luck to Woadie and everyone else competing this year.

With this being one of the largest polo tournaments of the season we thought we’d match it with an equally large polo sale. When you use the coupon code “NAHBPC11” on you’ll receive 15% off all EighthInch polo gear! The sale includes EighthInch polo mallets, shafts, replacement caps, bar end plugs, plastic pedals, 48h Julian wheels and rims, and polo T-shirts.


The sale runs today through Sunday, August 7.

First EuroBike Fixed Gear Championship

Even though it’s over a month away we thought we would mention the Eurobike Fixed Gear Championship and remind anyone looking to make some travel plans. The event features sprints, a lake ride, trick jam, and I’m sure a pretty big party. All this will take place in Germany during Eurobike so it should be packed. If you plan on going to Eurobike or need an excuse to visit Germany be sure to stop out. Click the banner for more details.

Endless Bummer Recap

Krys made the trip from Brooklyn down to her hometown of Charlotte to hang out with friends and take part in the Endless Bummer bike event. They had a lot of fun bike games going all day. It was a nice departure from the typical alleycats and trick comps.  Check out more photos from the event on Krys’s Flickr page.

Valleycat Wrapup

This past weekend was the Visalia Valleycat. As far as events in California go this one was a bit off the beaten path but that didn’t stop riders from coming out and competing. They had both road and fixed categories racing and it looks like everyone had a great time. Check out more photo’s here.

Valleycat in Visalia CA

The Valleycat fixed gear & road bike competition is being held in a few weeks in Visalia, CA. Here’s a rundown on the what to expect:

$7 entry fee. in the events are Miss and out, Time Trial and sprints. The location will be given on the 10th. This event will have a Fixed And Road bike category, each category will be scored separate. Helmets are strongly recommended and brakes are suggested.

Find more info on the Valleycat Event Page.

MWM2 Preview

As you may have noticed we are pretty excited for MWM2 this weekend. Here’s a little compilation we put together featuring Kris, Will, and Jeffery who will all be in for MWM. Enjoy.

Asia Fixed Gear Championships

The Asia Fixed Gear Championships are a little over a week away. A lot of organization has gone into this one. There will be an alleycat, trick comp, bike show, sprints, and bike polo all packed into one weekend. I’m sure the turnout will be good.