NAHBPC 2012 – Portland United

I got the chance to spend last weekend down in Milwaukee at the NAHBPC. It was great to hang out and have some laughs with the people you normally only talk to through email. The heat was sweltering but there was more than enough water and beer to keep everyone hydrated.

One of the teams I  spent some time with was Portland United. Eric, Jason, and Arlyn have been playing together on Portland United for two years now and it definitely shows when you watch them play.  Their chemistry is great and they all play to their individual strengths. This is their first year together as part of the EighthInch team and they couldn’t be happier to be riding our Scramblers. Eric told me it’s the best polo bike he’s ever owned. The compact geometry makes it easy to maneuver in tight places and the handling is excellent. The splined crank and sprocket is stiff and responsive making it easy to accelerate and get across the court.

The team finished Saturday with a record of 6-2-1 to put them in the 6th seed going into Sunday’s tournament round. After advancing pretty far in tournament play Portland was eventually knocked out by the Guardians and took home 4th place. It was a nice improvement over last years 9th place finish and it puts them in a great spot going into the World Championship in Geneva next month.

Stay tuned for more NAHBPC coverage featuring EighthInch teams and riders next week.

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Scrambler Group Buy Update

Good news! Over the weekend we reached 10 committed buyers for the EighthInch Scrambler group buy. We reached the minimum faster than I expected and coupon codes have already been emailed out. The good news for everyone else is you still have until the end of the month to enter the group buy and get the same $120 price. Check out all the group buy details and sign up here.

EighthInch Scrambler Group Buy – $120 Framesets!

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a group buy. Typically we offer them on specific forums or to certain clubs but this time were are offering it to everyone. If 10 people commit to purchase a Scrambler frameset by filling out the form here they will get the frameset for only $120. Check out all the information on how to sign up below.

To sign up and commit to buy a Scrambler frameset simply fill out this form with your basic information. Once 10 people commit to purchasing the framesets we will send each of them their own unique coupon code to purchase the frames on Cycling Closeouts for $120.  Anyone who commits to purchase after the 10 person minimum has been met will receive their coupon code shortly after. The offer will be eligible through the end of the month but may be cut short due to quantity issues. Any questions on the group buy can be sent to

EighthInch Scrambler Dinglespeed Conversion

Aaron and his Scrambler have been going strong for over 2 years now but eventually there comes time for a change. Instead of moving to a new bike Aaron thought it would be best to give his Scrambler a bit of a makeover. He kept me posted as he stripped it down, gave it a new gloss black paint coat, and put on some nice upgrades. The addition of a chain tensioner and double crankset gives the bike that extra bit of versatility. Keep it in the big ring when you are on the streets or drop it down to the small ring when you hit hills or trails. To see more pictures on the conversion check out Aaron’s Flickr page or his blog Gear Inches

Scrambler Frame Re-Stock!

We just received a container filled with Scrambler frames. We now have a full size run of black, white, and raw frames in stock and ready to ship. Pick one up today on or use the coupon code “eighthinch_build_50” to save $50 on a complete build.

Dont’ Forget About The EighthInch Power To The People Giveaway!

There’s still a few weeks left before our Power To The People Giveaway ends. Let your local shop know that you want them to carry EighthInch products and you may end up getting a free frame! Now through the end of July if your local shop signs up with EighthInch as an authorized dealer and places their first order- you will receive a free Scrambler V3 frameset and your shop will get a $50 credit towards their initial order! You must register your name and the shop information at the link below and then have the shop contact us to set up an account. Your free frame will ship with their first order!

See all the details here

Video Friday – Birth of a Butcher

Photo Friday has just been upgraded to Video Friday. We recently received some footage from the factory building our Butcher frames and turned it into a nice little edit. Check it out and see the Butcher on its way through the manufacturing process.

[vimeo 23695552]

Scratch and Dent Updates!

A handful of frames just got added to the Cycling Closeouts scratch and dent store. All of these frames have small cosmetic blemishes but nothing that affects them structurally. If you don’t mind a few scratches you can pick these up for a pretty good deal. Check them out here.

TR Bikes 4 Year Anniversary

Singapore’s TR Bikes are celebrating their 4 year anniversary by auctioning off some one-off Scrambler framesets. The gem of the collection is a copper plated Scrambler but you can also bid on a yellow, pink, creme, or celeste frame. Check out more details here.

EighthInch Scrambler Build From Finland

Fred did a great blog post documenting the building of his EighthInch Scrambler. You get pretty spoiled working at a bike shop with nice work stands and every tool imaginable within arms reach. Fred puts a little perspective on  the build process by showing how to put your bike together in your home. He covers everything from headset installation to wheel lacing.

Check out the full post here!