Lockedcog 3 Year Anniversary Photos

A saw a few photo go up from the Lockedcog anniversary party. It looks like there was a pretty good turnout for the alleycat and other festivities.  Congrats again to Kris on going 3 years strong with Lockedcog. Keep those posts coming!

Photos via Jenn Wong

Pre-MWM Street Session

Kris, Jeffery, and Will came out a few days early for MWM2. It gave us some time to hang out around the shop and do some riding both here in Appleton and down in Milwaukee. We brought a camera out and got some nice footage. Check out the edit on Vimeo and the photos on Flickr.

MWM2 Is Almost Here

MWM2 is going to be here before you know it. A lot of great riders are coming in for this one so we recommend you stop out if you can.

Jerome and Kris

Kris and Jerome went out and got some pretty nice shots the other day. My favorite is this one of Kris doing a 270 footplant on a sewer pipe. Check out more on Jerome’s Flickr page.

Sesh Da Park: Mather

Kris, Anthony, and Alex stopped out at Mather Park to check out the Lurk Hard trick comp and hang out with some friends. They got some riding time in and a few nice tricks were put down. Check out the edit below.

[vimeo 22366916]


Jake and Jeff March Edit

I spotted this one over at Lockedcog. Jake and Jeff put together a nice little edit from their past month of riding. Jeff has been putting down some solid tricks with his new Butcher.



EighthInch Loves Jerome Loves Photography

Jerome’s been sharing his photo’s of Kris with us for a while now and he always supplies us with some great shots. This most recent set is from a trip they took to the skatepark. It looks like Kris is back in the swing of things since his broken collarbone. Nice tricks, nice shots, nice mustache. Thanks again for the shots Jerome! Check out the full set here or stop over at Jerome Love (dot) net and check out more of Jerome’s work.


Kris and a few of the Sacramento riders put a nice little piece together with the help of Macaframa’s Colby and Collin. If your in the area be sure to stop out at the San Fransisco BFF this weekend. I saw the full piece and it’s pretty nice. Some solid lines and a lot of dirt. Make sure to check it out.

A Cultur Summer Road Trip

Get ready for the Cutur Tour! Er, um, I mean summer road trip. The trip starts in Austin and moves East then up the coastline all the way to New York for the Bicycle Film Festival. Stop and and hang out with them as they roll through your city.