EighthInch Likeathon Coupon Code

The EighthInch likeathon has come to a close. We ended up 7,016 likes in the end which wasn’t great, but still enough to earn a 5% off coupon for everyone. Use the coupon code “likeathon5” on WS-Outlet.com and save 5% on anything EighthInch from lockrings to complete bikes. The coupon will run through next friday, May 25, so don’t wait too long.

EighthInch Likeathon Update

The final week of the EighthInch likeathon is upon us. Don’t forget to tell all your friends to like us on Facebook. The more likes we get the bigger the discount on EighthInch parts. We are currently at 6983 likes, another 17 and we’ll hit the 5% coupon mark. Another 500 after that and we’ll offer a 10% off coupon. Visit our Facebook Page and spread the word!

EighthInch Facebook Likeathon 2012

It’s been a while since our last Likeathon. This time around we are shooting for 10,000 “likes” on our Facebook page. If we reach that goal we will issue a coupon code for 25% off any EighthInch parts on WS-Outlet.com. Right now we are at roughly 6,900 “likes” which means all you have to do is convince 3,100 of your closest friends to “like” us. Even if we fall short of 10,000 there are still coupon codes for 5-15% off depending on how many “likes” we get. We will issue the coupon code once the Likeathon ends at noon on 5/18. Tell all your friends!!!

Click here to visit our Facebook page

EighthInch International Likeathon Results

The results are in for our first International Likeathon. It was a close race but in the end Indonesia came out on top with the UK getting second and the Philippines third.

1. Indonesia

2. United Kingdom

3. Philippines

If your country is a winning country, any order you place from now through the end of February will include a free gift as shown below. Place your order at CyclingCloseouts.com

EighthInch International Likeathon

We’ve had likeathons in the past but we thought we would go international with this one. Over the next 10 days, the top 3 countries too add the most facebook fans will receive a free prize package added on to their EighthInch website order.

Check out all the details here

Likeathon For One More Day!


Some of you may have noticed that Cycling Closeouts was having a few issues and bugging out a little due to all the traffic. So for everyone who was having trouble using the likeathon code we’re extending the promotion through the end of Tuesday. Now you can use the code “holiday_likeathon_20” and get $20 any EighthInch order over $50 for the next 2 days.

Holiday Likeathon Update


Only 2 days left for our Holiday Likeathon. Right now we’re just over 4400 fans which means everyone will be eligible for a $10 off coupon when the contest ends. It will only take 100 more fans to double the coupon to a $20 off one so keep telling your friends. We’ll see where we end up on Thanksgiving at Midnight and then issue the coupon code on Black Friday at 7am CST. Who knows, maybe we’ll even hit 5000. Here’s the breakdown again. Click on the banners above to see all the details.



Holiday Likeathon


Our last likeathon came and went but we still get emails and questions asking if we’re going to do another. We thought what better time than the holidays to offer up some sweet deals with our Holiday Likeathon.

Check out the chart below to see how everything breaks down. As we add more fans on our Facebook page the order discount gets bigger and bigger. Along with a coupon code we’re going to be giving away parts to one lucky fan. It starts with pedals, toe straps, and toe clips and as we hit each threshold more parts will be added with the chance to win a complete bike if we gain enough fans.

The contest is running until midnight on Thanksgiving. We will publish the coupon code on Black Friday, November 26th at 8am CST. This code will only be good through Cyber Monday, November 29th at 11:59PM CST! Click the banner above for more details.