New Splined Sprocket Review

Kris has been riding one of our soon to be released solid splined sprockets for about 6 months now. He posted a short review and as we expected it’s preformed wonderfully. A solid steel ring doesn’t need an insert so there’s absolutely no slipping, the teeth are holding up great, and there is no flex or warping in the ring. Be sure to check out the full review over at Lockedcog. It won’t be long before we have them in stock so everyone can get there hands on one soon.

Portland United Takes 3rd

Last week I got an email from our friends at Portland United. They recently built up some Scramblers with Julian’s, splined cranks, chainrings, and EighthInch riser bars. This past weekend they took their trio of new Scramblers up to the Cascadia Qualifier and took 3rd place. Congrats guys, see you in Milwaukee for the NAHBPC! Check out the full results here.

EighthInch Freestyle Product News

Kris just posted sneak peeks of some new freestyle products we have coming out. He shows off our new pivotal seat and seatpost along with our solid steel sprocket. I’ll let Kris give you more details so check out Lockedcog or click on the pictures for the full review.

Photo Friday: EighthInch Splined Cranks Everywhere

It seems like our splined cranksets have quickly become one of our top sellers. I put together a little montage using photos customers sent to us and some I found around the web. It’s great to see them put to good use.

Photo credits include: Jerome Love, C-Ronbumariffin, Backpedal Blog, and the always great TrickTrack community. Sorry if I left anyone out.

Splined Chainrings are Listed!

Our splined chainrings got here much sooner than we expected. When they were missing from our shipment on Friday we were pretty bummed but when we saw they were on the next shipment we didn’t know they’d be here the next day! Made of al7075 these are built to take on anything. We’ve got them in odd sizes from 35-45t so it should accommodate almost any rider. Check out our new bash guard too. Specifically designed for our cranks these bash guards will keep chain and chainring from shredding apart. Click on the pictures to see them in our store.

Splined Chainrings Are Here

So the splined chainrings got here sooner than we expected. We’re taking pictures and should have them listed by the end of the day. Here’s a sneak peek.

Photo Friday – The One You’ve All Been Waiting For

Our first round of freestyle parts are finally in! This is as much as I could get my greedy hands on before they were taken away for stocking and photo’s. Stems, 48 spline cranks, riser bars, are all in on this shipment. We’re shooting photo’s and getting them listed as fast as we can. Check back later today to place your order. We post updates and more photos as soon as they’re up for sale!