Urban Velo Review: EighthInch Riser Bar and Stem

A few months back Jeff from Urban Velo got a hold of me look to pick up a few parts for an upcoming build. We helped him get it started with one of our bar/stem combo’s and it looks like he has been pretty happy with it so far. Check out Jeff’s full review on Urban Velo.

If you are in the market for a similar set-up don’t forget about our custom cockpit option that lets you choose your bar, stem, and grip color at a nice little discount.


Build Your Own EighthInch Custom Cockpit

If your looking to get a new bar and stem setup you can save some cash by bundling our freestyle bars, stem, and street grips. Choose the color combination you want to put together your own custom cockpit. Build your own here in our store.

LIMITED EDITION: Root Beer Stem and Handlebar

Everyone seemed to like the metallic rootbeer color that our first batch of Butchers came in so we thought we would branch out a little. You can now get our freestyle riser bar and stem in that same color. This is a limited run so once they sell out you may never see them again. Stop by our store and pick one up.

Photo Friday – Coming Soon!

We have a few new projects in the works for 2011. Here’s a sneak peek at a few new items to expect from EighthInch. For those of you looking for some parts to match your Butcher, soon you can pick up a metallic rootbeer stem. We will also have a 12t cog available soon too for anyone looking to run smaller gearing.  Stay tuned for more new products in the coming months.

EighthInch Bars at The Grime

Like everyone else I was browsing Prolly’s Flickr and came across a shot from his shop visit to The Grime. Nice to see our bar and stem combo out there.

More at Prolly

Freestyle Stem Limited Re-Stock

It’s going to be a little while until we get our next big shipment of parts in but we were lucky enough to get some of our freestyle stems rushed in early. We have stock on all 3 colors but quantities are limited. Get them while you can! Click on the picture to see them in our store.


New Year, New Photo’s

I came in yesterday and found some nice photo’s left on our Facebook page. EighthInch seems to be blowing up in Indonesia lately and we’re excited to have the support of all the riders there. These shots of our freestyle bars and stem were done by Syaviq Muqtav.

Complete Scrambler Build Pre-Orders

A lot of you have been asking if we’re going to open pre-orders on complete Scramblers and today we finally got it up. Now we’ve taken our traditional Scrambler build options and added a few more options with our new freestyle cranks, chainrings, stem, bars,  toe clips/straps, and Julian wheels. Builds start at $599 with free shipping. Check out the list of our total options below and click the pictures to see it in our store.

The frames are expected to arrive on or around August 20th. As soon as the frames get here we’ll start assembling and the shipping complete bikes as fast as we can.

Photo Friday – Freestyle Parts Show

We thought we’d load a frame up with all of our new freestyle parts so we took a raw V3 prototype and threw on our new freestyle stem, bar, crank, and chainring. We also got in our new Julian V2 wheelset to test out and put some dual compound Fyxations on. We’ve bumped our new Julians up to a triple wall design for this year. We should getting the production ones in around a month or so. Enjoy.

Freestyle Parts Are Up For Sale!

Our freestyle cranks, stems, and bars are all up and listed. Click on the pictures to see them in our store or visit our entire selection here.

For those of you looking for chainrings, they’ll be here soon. They got delayed and will be on the next shipment in. Enjoy!