Lockedcog Edit – Six Pack

Kris has been putting out edits pretty regularly these days. He went out with Alex again and grabbed a few quick shots around town. Stay tuned for more as Lockedcog ramps up for their 2.0 release.

NEW EighthInch CNC Splined Sprockets

Along with our Butcher frames we also got in our long awaited solid steel sprockets. These new sprockets are CNC machined out of solid steel to eliminate the need for an insert and they will fit any 19mm 48 spline spindle. The tooth sizes available are 25, 28, 33, 36, and 39t.

Kris has been riding his for about six months now and showing almost no signs of wear. Check out his full review here. These are a great choice if you want a strong sprocket for your fixed freestyle bike or need to get that low ratio you’ve been looking for on your polo bike. To see more details or to pick one up stop by your local EighthInch dealer or get them online at WS-Outlet.com.

New LockedCog Edit

Kris took a little cellphone edit over the weekend. Nothing too serious in this one, but sometimes that makes for the most enjoyable riding. Check it out.

[vimeo 44669268 width=”600″]

Photo Friday – Butcher V2

I saw Kris posted this picture of his Butcher V2 yesterday. I’m digging the raw to blue fade on it. The new splined sprocket and 700c Bueller’s are looking good too. It looks like it’s ready to take on Sacramento. For those of you waiting, production Butcher V2’s will be here in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more.

EighthInch Likeathon Update

The final week of the EighthInch likeathon is upon us. Don’t forget to tell all your friends to like us on Facebook. The more likes we get the bigger the discount on EighthInch parts. We are currently at 6983 likes, another 17 and we’ll hit the 5% coupon mark. Another 500 after that and we’ll offer a 10% off coupon. Visit our Facebook Page and spread the word!

$399 Scrambler Part 3

Our black/white $399 Scrambler is the 3rd color option for our pre-built complete bikes. White on black has always been one of the best selling color combinations for us. Pick one up on WS-Outlet.com before they are gone.

Another $399 Scrambler

Round 2 of 3 for our pre-built EighthInch Scramblers. Our clean and simple raw/silver option has always been popular choice. Pick one up on WS-Outlet for only $399.

$399 Scrambler Complete’s

Don’t forget about our new pre-built Scrambler complete’s. For only $399 you can choose from 3 of our most popular color options. Check out the white/gold option below. More photo’s of the black and raw builds will be coming soon. You can pick one up at WS-Outlet, and as always, shipping within the continental US is free.

EighthInch Facebook Likeathon 2012

It’s been a while since our last Likeathon. This time around we are shooting for 10,000 “likes” on our Facebook page. If we reach that goal we will issue a coupon code for 25% off any EighthInch parts on WS-Outlet.com. Right now we are at roughly 6,900 “likes” which means all you have to do is convince 3,100 of your closest friends to “like” us. Even if we fall short of 10,000 there are still coupon codes for 5-15% off depending on how many “likes” we get. We will issue the coupon code once the Likeathon ends at noon on 5/18. Tell all your friends!!!

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Phil Arellano and His Buellers

Phil recently threw a pair of Buellers on his bike and has been giving them a  thorough beating. A few months in and he has nothing but great things to say about them. No hops, no bends, and just a single spoke to be tensioned. Be sure to check out Phil’s solo edit below too. You can find our Bueller rims, hubs, and wheels for sale on WS-Outlet.