NAHBPC 2012 – Crazy Canucks

I had some time to hang out with the current Bike Polo World Champions, The Crazy Canucks, while down in Milwaukee at the NAHBPC. Rory, Chris, and Alex are a great bunch of guys and I had a good time talking bikes and polo with them. This year is their first year as an EighthInch sponsored team and their first major tournament on Scramblers. So far the bikes are preforming great for them. They are strong, fast, and handle great. We hope the advantages the Scramblers are offering keeps them at the top of their game!

The guys finished the first two days of Swiss rounds with a record of 5-2-2 giving them the 7th seed for Sunday’s bracket. After shutting out The Royals in the first round the Canucks lost 3-2 to the Crusaders of Love. They got another victory in the losers bracket but eventually lost 5-4 to Manthousand to give them a 13th place finish overall. It wasn’t the finish they were looking for but they still played well. Some poorly timed mechanical issues along with a couple bad bounces didn’t help their cause. With the competition among the best I’ve seen at a major tournament there wasn’t much room for error. I’m sure the team will be able to regroup and come back strong as they prepare to defend their in title as World Champions in Geneva next month.

Stay tuned for more NAHBPC coverage featuring EighthInch teams and riders next week.

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NAHBPC 2012 – Portland United

I got the chance to spend last weekend down in Milwaukee at the NAHBPC. It was great to hang out and have some laughs with the people you normally only talk to through email. The heat was sweltering but there was more than enough water and beer to keep everyone hydrated.

One of the teams I  spent some time with was Portland United. Eric, Jason, and Arlyn have been playing together on Portland United for two years now and it definitely shows when you watch them play.  Their chemistry is great and they all play to their individual strengths. This is their first year together as part of the EighthInch team and they couldn’t be happier to be riding our Scramblers. Eric told me it’s the best polo bike he’s ever owned. The compact geometry makes it easy to maneuver in tight places and the handling is excellent. The splined crank and sprocket is stiff and responsive making it easy to accelerate and get across the court.

The team finished Saturday with a record of 6-2-1 to put them in the 6th seed going into Sunday’s tournament round. After advancing pretty far in tournament play Portland was eventually knocked out by the Guardians and took home 4th place. It was a nice improvement over last years 9th place finish and it puts them in a great spot going into the World Championship in Geneva next month.

Stay tuned for more NAHBPC coverage featuring EighthInch teams and riders next week.

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Photo Friday – Portland Edition

Our friends from Portland United sent us some photos from the Cascadia Regional Qualifier a few weeks back. The guys took home a solid third place finish and got their new Scramblers dialed in for the NAHBC next weekend. Best of luck in Milwaukee guys, see you in a week!

Milwaukee Mario Cart Crit Race

The minute I saw the title of this race I knew we had to sponsor it. July 21st at Lakeshore Park is the Mario Cart Crit Race. It’s $10 to race and all the proceeds will go to the Bike Messenger Emergency Fund. Go out and race for your chance to win some great EighthInch loot, just watch out for green shells.

Eau Claire Valleycat VI

This Saturday is Eau Claire’s 6th installment of the Eau Claire Valleycat. Great prizes will be offered followed by the usual afterparty. The weather should be great so there is no reason to miss it. For more info visit

EighthInch Facebook Likeathon 2012

It’s been a while since our last Likeathon. This time around we are shooting for 10,000 “likes” on our Facebook page. If we reach that goal we will issue a coupon code for 25% off any EighthInch parts on Right now we are at roughly 6,900 “likes” which means all you have to do is convince 3,100 of your closest friends to “like” us. Even if we fall short of 10,000 there are still coupon codes for 5-15% off depending on how many “likes” we get. We will issue the coupon code once the Likeathon ends at noon on 5/18. Tell all your friends!!!

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Upcoming Polo Tournaments

There are couple of great bike polo tournaments coming up in April. Pedal Junkies are hosting a 3 on 3 bench minor tournament out in Fresno that will have a great turnout. Second on the list is this years Ladies Army tournament in Lexington. If it is anything like last years then it’s sure to be a great time. Check out the flyers and if you are in the area be sure to stop out and show your support.



With the NAHBS coming to Sacramento this year Kris was able to help organize some of the other events and parties associated with it. We decided to show some support too and send out some great prizes and giveaways. If you are in Sacramento be sure to stop out and show your support too! It should be a great weekend.

Photo Friday – AZ Bike Polo

Julio from the AZ Bike Polo Club sent me some photos of his Butcher built up with Julian wheels. I have to say, pink and raw make for a nice looking bike. Check out the photos or see it in action out at DPI4 later this month. Visit League of Bike Polo for more details.

Krys at NYC Cranksgiving

Krys sent me some photos a while back from the 2011 NYC Cranksgiving where she took 8th place in the girls divison. There’s also few shots courtesy of Justin Smith from her recent trip back to Charlotte. Krys has one of the nicest Scrambler builds I’ve seen in a while. If you are in NYC and looking to get a Scrambler be sure to visit Krys at 718 Cyclery and get one built any way you’d like.