EighthInch Parts Re-Stock (with coupon code)

A container filled with EighthInch parts just showed up at our door this morning. The order includes track cranks, splined cranks, cogs, bottom brackets, track pedals, plastic pedals, toe clips and straps, and Julian V2 wheelsets. Sadly no frames made it in but we should be receiving them within the next few weeks.

For those of you who were patient in waiting for the re-stock we thought we’d offer you a little reward. Use the coupon code “truckload” on CyclingCloseouts.com and get 10% off  EighthInch parts and accessories. Click on the banner to visit the store.

Red Bull Ride and Style Photos

Photo’s from this past weekends Red Bull Ride and Style event have slowly been making their way onto the internet. The best I’ve seen so far have been from the Peter and Kevin of COG Magazine. They have some great shots of both the trick comp and race including a nice shot of Kris on his Butcher. Make sure to visit COG Magazine and check out the whole set. Pick up an issue of COG 10 while your at it too!

Photo’s by Peter D. and Kevin S. of COG

Photo Friday – Coming Soon!

We have a few new projects in the works for 2011. Here’s a sneak peek at a few new items to expect from EighthInch. For those of you looking for some parts to match your Butcher, soon you can pick up a metallic rootbeer stem. We will also have a 12t cog available soon too for anyone looking to run smaller gearing.  Stay tuned for more new products in the coming months.

Massive EighthInch Parts Re-Stock

A nice big shipping container was at our doorstep when we came in this morning. Not only did it have our Butcher frames, but there was a good amount of small parts we were waiting to get in too. Track cranks, track bars, Tessa wheelsets, splined cranks, and stems are all back in stock.  Check them out here!

EighthInch Price Reductions 2 of 3

Our Amelia wheelsets are down to $99.50. Not a bad price for a pair of 30mm deep wheels that include cog, lockring, tubes, and tires. To pick up a pair check them out in our store. Stay tuned for the 3rd reduced price item tomorrow!

Cog Re-stock

We just got our entire range of cogs back in stock from 13t all the way up to 20t. Check them out in our store!

Product Rundown – Amelia Wheelset

Our Amelia wheelset was designed to offer an affordable wheelset for the everyday rider and include all the parts that can slowly drive up the cost on your next build. For those of you on a budget getting a $120 wheelset is great, but then add $8 for a lockring, $25 for a cog, $40 for tires, $10 for tubes, and $5 for rim strips. All of a sudden your over $200 and your budget is getting slimmer and slimmer. With our Amelia wheelset you get your wheels, and all the above listed parts for only $120. Here’s a quick rundown on what exactly your getting.

Our Amelia wheels are your typical track wheelset. 700c sizing with 120mm spacing in the rear and 100mm spacing in the front. The rims are 30mm deep (same depth as a Weinmann DP18 or Velocity Deep V) and have a machined braking surface for those of you looking to run it as a singlespeed. Rim colors include black, silver, white, purple, orange, and green. The flip flop hub is set up to run a fixed cog or a freewheel depending on your preference. The pre-mounted 700×23 Kenda tires  are a solid commuter tire. They don’t scream performance but they do hold up well on rough city streets. We went with a 16t steel cog since it gives a comfortable ratio when paired with the 46t chainrings you see on most cranksets out there (including our own).

A lot of people buying these wheels are new to fixed gear. We send along a sheet with every wheelset giving tips on installation and upkeep so you can get the most out of your wheels. Remember, use the proper tools when you install your cog and lockring. If your riding fixed your connection to your rear wheel is the only thing keeping you from flying out of control. Don’t jeopardize your riding with improper installation and maintenance.

Now through the end of December use the coupon code “amelia_rundown” and get $10 off any Amelia wheelset on CyclingCloseouts.com.

Product Re-Stock – Cogs N’ Cranks

It’s been a long wait but 15t and 16t 1/8 cogs are finally back in stock. Along with the cogs we’ve also got 160mm black splined cranks back in stock. Quantities are limited on the cranks so get them while you can.




3/32 Cog Blowout!

We’re having a blowout sale on all of our 3/32 cogs. All sizes are available from 13-20t. We’ll be selling them at $14.50 so get one before they’re gone! Click on the pictures to see them in our store.

Re-Stocks on Cogs and Cranks

Along with our new parts we also stocked up on some of our other popular parts that have been selling out fast. 17t 1/8 cogs are back in stock and now we have all of our track cranks options in stock too. If you’ve been waiting you can check them out in our Cycling Closeouts ministore.