If you have any questions regarding any of our products or would like to place a phone order feel free to contact us at:

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Appleton, WI 54914


79 Responses to Contact

  1. Chris says:

    Do the fames not come with bottom brackets? If not, do you sell them. It seems thats the only part that I am missing from your site.

    Chris Griffith

  2. Tom Jock says:

    Yo guys! Where’s my bike pic? I thought you were going to post it on this site. That bike is good PR for you…make it happen!!!!!


  3. Steven says:

    What is the ERD on the Julian rims? I’m thinking about building a wheel with the Julian rim and need to know the ERD so I can calculate the spoke length.. Thanks!


  4. Brian D says:

    Did you guys see your 1/8 inch on the cover of urbanvelo this summer? Anytime you wanna give me some more stuff to show off I would love it!

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      I totally missed that. That’s pretty crazy! It’s been a busy summer for us we haven’t been able to keep up on all that fun stuff. We did see we’re all over the new issue of Cog Magazine.

  5. lukaXskywalka says:

    Im interested with eight inch products especially the wheelset julian.I was wondering,whats the wide for the rim?is it 19 mm?and does the price for machined rims and non machined are the same?

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      The machined rims are the same price as the non-machined at $49.50 each. The rim width is 19mm so it can handle the standard range of tires.

  6. Chris says:

    How come my Eighth Inch doesnt bar spin my tire brushes! any suggestions on what fork will make it barspin! for the cheapest hopefully without going out and getting a rigid fork. i do not want that head tube extender either. your help would be great. thanks!


    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      Hey Chris, a freestyle specific fork should get you the clearance you need to barspin. A MKE bruiser, Volume, or SE landing gear should get you there.

      • Chris says:

        yeah i was wondering if you guys new of anything that did not look like those rigid bmx style forks and maybe something that looked a little bit more track like. I am more into riding than tricks, but i do trick ocassionally when i get bored, but not enough to need such bulky forks.

        one other question is, do you know anywhere they sell the landing gear fork in a color other than chrome

      • cyclingcloseouts says:

        Most out there are going to have that BMX style too them. I’m not sure if anything is out there in the geometry you need that looks like a standard fork but there could be something I don’t know about. I’ve never really checked into availability on a landing gear so I’m not sure where the best place to find them would be.

      • Chris says:

        okay thank you =)

  7. Kelli J. says:

    When is the raw frame contest over? The suspension is killing me! (and also, I gotsta ride!)

  8. Sergio says:

    When are the new cranks coming out? The spline drive ones.

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      We’re hoping this summer but we’re still testing them out to make sure they hold up to the heavy abuse.

  9. David Jimenez says:

    Ordered a eightinch scrambler frame from you guys. I ordered the wrong size could you change the order. From 49cm to 51cm. I emailed you also lemme know thanks alot.

  10. Eric says:

    Hey im 5’6″, would you recommend a 51 or 53cm for tricks?

    Also, would it be able to barspin a 650c front without any overlap or frame hitting with the stock fork?

    Thank you! :-).

    P.S. I’m about to purchase one!

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      Hey Eric, you’d fit fine on both but it all depends on preference. If your using it for freestyle then smaller is usually better because you can throw the frame around a little easier. If it’s a commuter then maybe a 53 to get you stretched a little more. We haven’t built any up with 650’s at all so I couldn’t say whether it would eliminate overlap but it definitely would help.

  11. stefano says:

    I need to buy quikly a new freestyle frame, i’m 179 cm, 5’8″, how mesure do you recommend? 55 it could be ok or I have to wait to come back in stock on 57?
    cheers and thanks.

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      A 55 or a 53cm would probably fit you fine. 55 would have you a little more stretched out and the 53 would have you more upright but either would work.

  12. dynamite says:

    what is the biggest tyre that could go on the julian rims? 38c?

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      38 would probably be the biggest you could go 40 but you may have it pop of a little more than something smaller.

  13. daltron2000 says:

    When are we gonna see those stems?

  14. Billy says:

    When are you going to be getting more large frames in? (57 or 59cm)

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      They’re in production right now. It’s to early to say exactly when we’ll have them in but it should be early to mid summer sometime.

  15. Eli says:

    I’m looking on getting the 53cm, now im aware that the 57cm and larger can clear barspins with the stock fork, could the 53cm clear barspins with a straight fork?(fu manchu,landing gear..etc)

    Thanks in adavance.

  16. josh says:

    i just ordered my eighth inch scrambler frame and forks. I have a 700c wheelset and i was wondering if i will be able to barspin or if i need a 650c wheelset?

    • tibet says:

      on my 55cm with blt fork (430mm axle to crown and 35mm rake) i have to use a 650c wheel to have enough pedal clearence for barspin

  17. josh says:

    do you think that i will be able to barspin or do i need a 650c wheelset? The frame and forks are straight thow so will i be able to do it or not?

  18. zardo says:

    i want to run some 26″ wheels on my 51cm scrambler any idea on whats the biggest tire i cant fit in the rear with out crimping?

  19. eli says:

    Are the decals on the julian rims removable?

  20. Shane Webster says:

    Hi i was wondering what tire a eighthinch scrambler will barspin and what it takes to get sponcered

  21. Aaron says:

    im planning on getting an eighthinch scrambler and was wondering WHAT IS THE BIGGEST SIZE TIRES I CAN FIT and i was also wondering if the eighthinch splined crankset would work on the scrambler. Please contact me as soon as possible i want to get these parts buy tonight.

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      Hey Aaron, the V2’s can handle a 700×38 in the rear but it’s really tight. A 700×35 would be pretty safe. The front can only do a 700×28 but if you plan on doing any tricks then we’d recommend upgrading to a freestyle fork anyways like a SE Landing Gear or Fu Man Chu. The splined cranks will fit fine on the Scrambler. They’ll fit any frame with standard English threaded BB’s.

  22. Pierette says:

    Hey Eric, you’d fit fine on both but it all depends on preference. If your using it for freestyle then smaller is usually better because you can throw the frame around a little easier. If it’s a commuter then maybe a 53 to get you stretched a little more. We haven’t built any up with 650′s at all so I couldn’t say whether it would eliminate overlap but it definitely would help.

  23. Darian Quayle says:

    Hey I’m about 5*7* and was wandering 2 thing.
    What frame size do I need? I ride on a bianchia pista concept frame and i want something to throw around and do tricks on, ex, barspins and stuff, I do not care about pedal clearance to much but on the correct frame size for me will the tire clear the frame? I have really nice 700c deep v’s and DO NOT want to buy a 650c front rim.

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      A 53cm would probably fit you best for tricks. The Scrambler is pretty compact geometry so it does have a bit of toe overlap when it comes to barspins when you run 700c’s though.

      • Darian Quayle says:

        okay thanks, and other thing I’m going to buy one when i get paid but i was wondering would it be possible to get a raw frame i want to paint it my self

  24. Bryan says:

    Is the erd on the Julian V2 the same as the original ones?

  25. jeffrey says:

    does anyone know how i can order the velocity b43s??

  26. Anthony Un says:

    What’s required to get sponsored by eighthinch?

  27. Ant says:

    I just purchased a new V3 frameset and does it come with decals? If possible could I get some for my white frameset? Just want to rep eighthinch if you know what I mean.

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      Hey Ant, the decals were delayed so we didn’t want to keep people waiting when the frames made it in. Just shoot us an email with your frame color and shipping address and we’ll mail you a copy as soon as they come in. –


  28. chris webster says:

    Hey its getting cold and im rocking out the amelias on my scrambler im trying to get it ready for winter any suggestion on what kind of tire i can get to grip on snowy icy roads???

    Thanks chris

  29. luis says:

    Can I fit 700x35c tires on the Julian rims? Is it wide enough? thanks!

  30. Michael says:

    I would just like to know the crown to axel and the rake of the fork that currently comes with the scrambler v3

  31. Vince says:

    yo guys!
    I jus got my scrambler v3 51c
    and im wondering if I still need to cut the steerer of the stock fork that came with it cus i think its too long?
    so do i have to cut it?or jus use headset spacers?

    • Ant says:

      Yeah you do have to cut the stock fork, just take it to any local bike shop and they will cut it for you.

      And I was wondering what stem is the complete Scrambler V3? Is it a 3T and what model?

  32. Ant says:

    Sorry for the double posting.

  33. cody says:

    how long does it take to ship? I ordered the spline cranks on sunday and payed for at 2 days shipping but it never came and i checked the site,it still says unshipped?

  34. wx says:

    Hi, was wondering whats the axle to crown of the stock scrambler v3 fork?

  35. Harry says:

    Hey guys!
    When the Butcher is eventually released, will the fork be available as an option instead of the stock fork for the Scrambler? Will it be available separately? Any word on weather the Butcher line in general be released before Christmas?

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      The fork for the butcher will be completely different then the Scrambler one. We’ll be selling the Butcher with a fork or without. We aren’t sure on a release date. Production is under way but we’re using a different factory so we aren’t sure on how long they typically take.

  36. matt says:

    Hey, I have a windsor hour right now, and I can’t find any info on my bottom bracket other than that its a 103mm sealed cartidge. Any ideas on compatibility with your frames/cranks? I saw you started selling a BB, but I didn’t know if you needed a certain type of crank to go with it. Thanks!

  37. Thomas says:

    Hey I have a Amelia wheelset and just got a Julian V2 rim, if I was to use the Amelia Hub to build a new rear wheel could you tell me what length spokes I would need? Thanks a ton! Love your products by the way


    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      Hey Thomas, I couldn’t say the exact spoke length. I know the rim ERD on the Julians are 559. If you bring it into your shop with that info they should be able to get you the right size spokes.

  38. Tyler says:

    Yo I’m planning on buying a butcher frame but I was wondering if it was possible to get a frame + fork , I didn’t see that option where the frame was. Thanks.

  39. Jan Amparo says:

    Hey Eighth Inch Team,

    I purchased the 1/8 Inch BMX crankset and so far i’ve been in love with its performance! I do sometimes get a weird popping noise when I hit somewhere in rotation about 11 oclock and 5 o clock but it doesn’t bother me much. I’m really impressed with the crankset and so far i’ve been able to go nuts with them.

    Thanks again 1/8 Inch Team, hope to purchase more from you guys soon!



  40. justin k says:

    Are the stickers on the TessA wheels removable?

  41. fry says:

    hey there just curious do ur bmx spline cranksets have the sticker under the paint or can they be removed?


  42. tony parker says:

    hi there, i have a 49cm v3 and i was wondering first what the fork rake is on it and also i didnt recieve any frame stickers with my raw frame. i was wondering if they were still supposed to some w them, if so, would it be possible to get mine?

    btw, its my daily commuter and its an absolute rock. i bought this frame as a replacement for a 69 french road frame that i totaled and this frame is totally solid! thanx.


  43. Thomas says:

    Hi there I was wondering if I you knew where I would be able to buy some of the Chao Yang tires that you use on the Amelia wheel builds. Do you have a supply available for purchase or would I have to contact the tire company itself? Thank you.

  44. Colby says:

    I’m very interested in purchasing a 55cm white Scrambler V3 frame set. Unfortunately the website says it is out of stock. Do you have any idea when this particular frame set will be back in stock?


  45. dchrist7 says:

    Do you guys have a set of instructions for installing the freewheel on the amelia wheelset?

    • cyclingcloseouts says:

      Just grease it up and thread it onto the hub by hand as tight as you can. Then put the chain and stomp on the pedal to tighten even more. As you pedal it may tighten up a little more but since you’ll be coasting there won’t be any negative force trying to spin it off.

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