Pre-MWM Street Session

Kris, Jeffery, and Will came out a few days early for MWM2. It gave us some time to hang out around the shop and do some riding both here in Appleton and down in Milwaukee. We brought a camera out and got some nice footage. Check out the edit on Vimeo and the photos on Flickr.

Photo(s) Friday – MWM2

Last weekend Kris, Will, and Jeffery were all in town for MWM2. We spent the first half of Friday hanging out at the shop and then rode some street spots around Appleton. Saturday was spent hitting spots around Milwaukee before heading to the event. Here’s a few photos from the weekend. Check out more in our Flickr set.


MWM2 Wrapup (Round 3)

Another day, another MWM2 update. The photo of Kris doing a footplant whip is courtesy of Kevin O’Meara. He shot some great photos at the event so be sure to check out his entire MWM2 set on Flickr.

Not only did Matt Reyes take second place, he also threw together a pretty nice edit.

Last but not least, the BBG crew has a pretty extensive edit from the days leading up to MWM2. It’s a bit on the long side but definitely worth watching.

MWM2 Wrapup (Round 2)

A few more photo’s from MWM2 have made their way onto Flickr. Check out the sets from Ehryn Ska and Dano Archibee.

MWM2 Wrapup

Kris, Will, and Jeffery were all in town for MWM2. After spending some time at the shop Friday we went out and hit some spots around Appleton. All day Saturday was spent riding spots in Milwaukee before heading over to Moct for the pre-jam party. From there we had a roman candle filled group ride to the skate park.  Here’s some coverage that’s already made its way to the web courtesy of COG Magazine, LockedCog, and Sam Erickson. Expect to see more soon.

You can always count on Peter and Kevin for some amazing photos. Check out COG’s photo coverage here.

Not only did Sam help out with organizing and seeing the event ran smoothly, he also was the first to put out a full edit.


I have to give Kris credit. After riding all day and night he still had enough in him to stay up and be the first to post Lamarche’s 360 drop that won best trick.

Midwest Mayhem 2 Is Coming

Midwest Mayhem 2 is only a month away. Last years MWM turned out to be a bigger event than anyone expected and this years competition should be just as big. With some nice cash prizes going to the top 3 riders I’m sure a lot of the big names will be there. We will be there too.  Visit the Midwest Mayhem 2 blog or Facebook page for more details.

Scrambler Gallery Update

Another big update in our Scrambler gallery today including Kris’s Scrambler from Midwest Mayhem and a few builds from around the globe. Check the gallery here to see more –

Midwest Mayhem Update 3

So Kris from LockedCog just threw up his edit from Midwest Mayhem. He and Alex got some great shots including LaMarche’s 360, Mike Schmitt’s drop in, and Wonka’s epic wall grind. Check it out.

[Vimeo 9008859]

Midwest Mayhem Update 2

I told you guys we’d have more updates as the week rolled on. I just found some good clips from Fyxation including a full cab from Prolly, a big one from Tom LaMarche, and a crazy drop in from Mike Schmitt. Check them below.

Midwest Mayhem Wrapup

So Midwest Mayhem was just crazy. Huge turnout, huge tricks, this thing blew up into something no one was ready for. A lot of people have posted some good pictures and videos already and I’m sure there are some better ones to come later in the week. We had our sponsored rider Kris from LockedCog come out and he hit some pretty nice tricks including the sparking pedal grind above. Also, there’s a few shots from our weekend riding around town like the monster 8 stair he hit. It was a great weekend altogether and we sent Kris back with some good stories. More to come on the event as the week progresses. To spare the redundancy I’ll list some links to other coverage below for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. Check back for more edits all week!